Woof! The first blog post from Miss Charlotte!

We are delighted to announce a new furry member of the Tamar Valley Cottages family – meet Miss Charlotte Wright, an adorable bundle of puppy energy.  She will be keeping you informed of her life here in North Cornwall – so read on!


HELLO!  My name is Miss Charlotte Wright. 

I was born on 5th October 2018 weighing 8 ounces, so I’m nearly 4 whole months old! 

I am part Parsons Terrier and part Jack Russell. 

I have a sister and two brothers but they don’t live here.  David says that one puppy is quite enough!

I have come to live at Tamar Valley Cottages with my Father, Jago Wright and my Uncle Timmy Wright.

Rachel has a puppy that comes to visit.  He is called Hunter and he is my best friend!  We spend most days tearing around the house and distracting David in his office when he is trying to work.

I have had lots of adventures since I arrived in Cornwall on 18th December.  David takes me everywhere, and I have even been on my first ever holidays to Ireland.  

Me and Hunter being daft!

However, my favourite place is here at Tamar Valley cottages because it’s my home.  There is so much space, so many trees to sniff, so many sticks to chew, I can run around and use up all my energy!  I have even seen some SQUIRRELS!!

I also love to meet lots of other friends that come to visit with their owners.  The guests that come to stay are so kind to me!  

I will write a new post every so often on this page but if you want to see lots of pictures, I have my very own Instagram.  I am going to be a STAR!  I would love it if you could go and give me a follow.

Thank you for reading my first ever dog blog! 

Miss Charlotte’s Instagram