Charlotte’s Dog-Blog – Reading the Signs

Visitors to our cottages are often familiar with the newest pup in the Tamar Valley Cottages family.  Charlotte is a happy little character who is full of life and love.  But we soon realised, there was something not quite right…


I was born in mid October and I’m a cross between Parson’s Terrier and Jack Russell.  My  dad Jago and uncle Timmy have been part of the clan at Tamar Valley Cottages for years.

David brought me home to Cornwall just before Christmas 2018.  However, he soon realised that I am a little different.  I never respond to noises or vocal commands in the way that Timmy and Jago (usually) do.  This was reinforced by David’s dog-sitter who said maybe I am hard of hearing or even deaf.

The vet here in Cornwall simply suggested that I am probably deaf, and that there was nothing anyone could do.  That wasn’t good enough for David, so he sought a second opinion from a vet in London.  That vet agreed there was a strong likelihood that I AM deaf, and so referred me to a specialist practice in Newmarket for some testing.

Here, I was very brave and I went through a series of  tests involving electrodes that monitor brain activity.  Don’t worry though, they didn’t hurt!  Lo and behold, the diagnosis was affirmative: 

So what does that mean for me?  How will my humans work with me?

It turns out there is lot of support available.  David has found a local dog trainer who is helping us to learn sign language and we both attend weekly puppy classes.

Anyway, it’s fine!  I’m not worried one bit.  I am a very contented and energetic puppy who is loving life, so my family know that this issue will not get in the way of me living a full and active life, and playing with all the doggy visitors to Tamar Valley Cottages.

As for the training – I am pleased to say that David is doing surprisingly well and he’s learning quickly.  

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