Poldark Series 4 – 6 tips you need to know (no spoilers!)

It’s back and many of us have been counting the days until the Poldark characters hit our screens once more.  To whet our appetites for the forthcoming series, we’ve collated 6 tips to prepare you for the action to come.  If you’ve got another titbit that we ought to know, let us know in the comments below!


Summer scheduling…

You may remember that the first two series of Poldark were aired in the autumn.  Series 3 was forced to opt for a summer broadcast, to avoid clashing with ‘Victoria’, and there were concerns that fewer people would tune in.  When these fears were proven unfounded (the Poldark effect is strong!) producers opted for another summer schedule for Series 4.


For you book worms, Series 4 will be based on the final part of Winston Graham’s book ‘The Four Swans’, and the whole of ‘The Angry Tide’, which are the sixth and seventh books in the Poldark series.  However, if you know the book, stand by for a few surprises.  The books begin to wander away from Ross and Demelza and focus on other characters but Debbie Horsfield was keen to stick with him, as they have captured our attention so effectively.  Consequently, major story lines in the books have been dropped altogether, and few tweaks have been made.


Most of the popular characters will be making a comeback.  Of course we’ll have Ross and Demelza, and George will continue to be a menace alongside his wife Elizabeth.  Young Geoffrey Charles has grown up again, and is now played by Louis Davison.  Dwight and Caroline are back with some challenging storylines.  We’ll be seeing more of the roguish Tholly Tregirls (Sean Gilder), the creepy Osbourne Whitworth (Christian Brassington), Sam and Drake Carne, Morwenna, Hugh Armitage, and of course Prudie (though Judd is conspicuous again for his absence). 

This series we’ll also be introduced to some rich new characters.  Reverend Osbourne’s mother becomes a feature, played by Rebecca Front, and is set to make that family even more trying.  The real scene stealer is likely to be Monk Adderley (a friend of George Warleggan) who Ross meets in London.  Amoral but wonderfully written, he will become another villain we love to hate!


The previous series have been based within an era in history, and a few lesser-known historical local figures have made the occasional appearance.  Series 4 will build on this, firmly placing the action between 1796 and 1799.  We will be introduced to William Pitt, the Prime Minister, and even William Wilberforce, the famous anti-slavery campaigner.

Settings and storylines… (no spoilers!)

It is well-known that in this series, Ross will spend more time in London pursuing his political career.  There have been fears that we would be removed from the stunning vistas of Cornwall that have characterised the show so far, but don’t worry – Series 4 is still predominately Cornwall-based, and the historical reconstructions of old London will be a treat in themselves.

The first episode will bring us a rather grim event, and the series as a whole will definitely have some tragic storylines.  However, some of the much-loved relationships will continue and evolve, experiencing the highs and lows we would all expect.  The Ross-Demelza-Hugh situation continues and grows more complex with Ross away in London; Dwight and Caroline are put through the ultimate test; and Morwenna and Drake get their best chance for a happy ending.  


Series 4 is slimmer than previous series, with just 8 planned episodes.  But don’t panic.  Producers have confirmed that there will be a Series 5, which is expected to be the last.  That will be based on the eighth book in the series, ‘The Stranger from the Sea’, and starts a decade after the last events. 

Those are your six Series 4 tips!  

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