Things to do in North Cornwall and Devon in Late Winter

We all know that Christmas is a great time to be in Cornwall, but what if you have taken advantage of the bargain breaks available in January and February?  Don’t worry – even with the festive season over, there are plenty of great activities you can get up to.  Here are a few ideas – do you have any others?  Add them in the comments below or tell us on social media.

Winter walks

Our winters are famously pretty mild, so it’s not often that the weather is so cold or wet that you really can’t go anywhere.  As someone once said, there is no such thing as bad weather – only unsuitable clothes! 

If you’re feeling particularly brave, the north coast is a real spectacle when the weather is stormy.  Find yourself a safe vantage point, such as the car park above Widemouth Bay or the car park at Port Quin, and enjoy the crashing waves.  [Please be careful – every year people are swept into the sea]

Over the winter, most local beaches become dog-friendly, so you can take Rover for a ragged run over the shingle without fear of upsetting anyone.  You could also go and see the fantastic starling murmurations – huge flocks of the birds that roost in the area. 

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Camera Dates

Why not team up with a friend and go on a camera date?  Late winter promises some of the region’s most stunning vistas, while also being far less busy than later in the year. 

  • Sunsets.  Before the clocks go forward, you can take advantage of the early sunset.  On the north coast, many coves are facing the right way!  Get yourself to the cliffs and take a shot of the sun disappearing behind the headland.
  • Frosty mornings.  If you’re a morning person, grab your camera after a cold night and snap the wintry wonder!  Dartmoor and Bodmin moor are particularly beautiful with a layer of frost.
  • Misty valleys.  The Tamar Valley, like most river valleys, is often shrouded in mist early in the morning or at twilight.
  • Murmurations.  These huge flocks of starlings are a challenge to photograph, but can lead to stunning results.  Read our blog post here.
  • Storms.  As mentioned above, the North coast is a fantastic spot to photograph crashing waves.  Make sure you stay safe, checking tide times, and keep that camera dry!

Wet Weather attractions
We are lucky that North Cornwall and Devon have some excellent all-weather attractions for you and the family.  If the weather really is rough and you fancy staying dry, check out some of the options in our blog.  10 great ideas from war museums to play parks, there’s something for everyone. 

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PicturePubs with log fires
After a bracing winter’s walk, what better than to slump down in a cosy pub in front of a real log fire.  Cornwall and Devon still have plenty of characterful inns with bucket-loads of charm.  Meet with friends and family, enjoy a hearty meal, and warm those toes. 

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Coffee Shops

It doesn’t seem so long ago that it was difficult to even find a filter coffee in Cornwall.  How things have changed!  Now, the area boasts some genuinely excellent coffee shops that boast their own blends, expert staff, and plenty of sofas and armchairs.  Take your favourite book or make the most of the free WiFi, and settle in for a relaxed morning! 

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