Poldark Filming Locations, Cornwall, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Updated 2018:  ​Series 4 of Poldark is kicking off to much excitement.  As usual, we will be adding to our comprehensive list of the main shooting locations so this post will now covers Series 1 – 4,  so read more to discover Poldark’s Cornwall. 


1 – St Breward area, Bodmin Moor.

An isolated private farmhouse near St. Brewards is used as Nampara (external shots, see below), while cottages at Minions were the homes of his tenants and miners.  There are also many shots of the characters riding across the moor – for example in Episode 2 when they go to Bodmin assizes – where Roughtor and Brown Willy are visible in the background.

In Series 3, some barn and farm shots were filmed elsewhere, but the recognisable cottage shots as in the photo above are still near St. Breward.

Extra info:  The external shots of Nampara cottage are filmed at the privately owned Ivey Farm, approximately 2 miles east of St. Breward.  Although there is common access land (part of Bodmin moor) leading up to the farm buildings from the road just north of the farm, it is not a view you will recognise from the series (in which the cottage is always filmed from the south). 

There is common access land quite near to the farm to the South West.  However, there is no easy route as it doesn’t have marked footpaths and the river is fast-flowing.  As the Ordnance Survey map shows, the common access stops quite suddenly and straying into the farmland would be trespassing – and please respect the residents.

2 – Padstow area

The peninsula of Stepper Point overlooks Padstow bay to the east, and was the location of the dramatic opening scene of Series 3, in which Elizabeth struggles with her horse.    She charges towards the headland – the tiny inlet with the crashing waves is Butter Hole, not far from Lellizzick farm.

Further down the coast and backed with dunes, the popular beach at Portcothnan is used as the Nampara Bay, owned by the Poldarks.  The nearby Park Head is recognisable in some shots (for example Episode 1 where Ross and Francis meet on horseback on the cliffs), with its rocky stack formations.  The area is very popular due to the famous Bedruthan Steps a few coves to the south.

In the first episode of Series 4, Dwight and Caroline meet with Ross and Demelza at Pentire Beach, which at low tide is connected to Bedruthan Steps to the South.  We are treated to a lingering shot of Diggory’s Island, part of Pentire Steps beach.

On the southern edge of Porthcothan bay are the tiny Trescore islands -at low tide, a stunning lagoon is formed between the islands and the cliffs, where some swimming scenes were filmed.

Stepper Point © Copyright Rod Allday
Park Head © Copyright Paul Loft


3 – St. Agnes Head, Perranporth.

This is a stunning part of the North coast and portrays Nampara Valley and the mine in certain shots.  Wheal Coates is one of the most photographed places in the county.  You can explore the ruins of several mine buildings, and the local beach of Chapel Porth, and the dramatic coast path are also worth the visit alone.


4 – Holywell Bay, Newquay.The long sandy bay and Gull Rock is used in Series 2 to represent the Warleggan’s beach next to Poldark’s Nampara.  The impressive rocky headlands of Gwennap head are visible in some of the advertising shots for the Series 2.  ​In series 3, the twin islands are instantly recognisable in many beach scenes.In the first episode of Series 4, we see several shots featuring Gull Rock, including one of Ross galloping along Holybeach, and another towards the end of the episode where Demelza sits against a rock pondering her love.

5 – Botallack & Levant, Penzance.

These mines (with the help of some computer generated refurbishment) portrayed some of the mining infrastructure in both series.  Specifically, the Owles & Crowns mine near Bottalack depicts Wheal Leisure, and Levant Mine portrays Tressiders Rolling Mill.  

Botallack & Levant

6 – Porthgwarra, Penzance.

This stunning little cove with crystal clear waters has been used in various scenes, mainly those involving fishing.  Cove Cottage here is also visible is several scenes in the second series. 

Most famously, Poldark’s famous skinny-dipping scene was filmed here, with Demelza watching from the clifftop.

The rocky boulders of Gwennap head and the coastline between Porthgwarra and Porthcurno are much in evidence in the early scenes of Series 3, and in the first episode of Series 4.

© Copyright Jim Champion
Gwennap Head

7 – Porthcurno & Penberth, Penzance.

Just a short distance from Porthgwarra (along some distinctly Poldark coastline), Porthcurno beach is famous for being overlooked by the Minack Theatre, built into the rocks.  Due to computer trickery of course, this wasn’t visible when it was used in a dream sequence in episode 2 of the second series.  The bay is characterised by the dramatic headland of Treryn Dinas, once an Iron Age fort.

Almost the next cove Eastwards, less than 2 miles away is the beautiful stone hamlet of Penberth.  This is where the patients of Dr. Enys live – for example Rosina and Charlie –  and is immediately recognisable by the quaint stepping stones that characters use to cross the stream, the giant cobbled slipway, and in many shots the large metal capstan (winch) as seen in the photo below.

In series 3, Penberth plays an even greater role, with it being the location for the house of Demelza’s brothers, shot in a currently rather ramshackle outbuilding on the northern side of the hamlet.


 8 – Poldark Mine, Helston.

Although it opened after the era of Poldark’s character, the narrow corridors of this tin mine are the perfect location to shoot the interior mining scenes.  The mine is the only complete mine currently open to the public. (http://www.poldarkmine.org.uk/)

In Series 3, some internal mine shots were filmed at Redcliffe Caves, Bristol.

9 – Gunwalloe, Helston

Three coves at Gunwalloe have been used in Poldark filming; Church cove, Dollar Cove, and Fisherman’s cove. 

Dollar cove is used in Series 1 for the night-time shipwreck (although many sources incorrectly say it’s Church cove).

In series 2, the stunning clifftop cottage of Dr. Dwight Enys is filmed in the more northerly cove (Fisherman’s Cove) in what was until quite recently a ruined shell.  Follow the lane opposite the Halzephron pub to find it.

In series 3, Dwight and Caroline are married in the beautiful church of St. Winwalloe at Gunwalloe, set among the dunes, while young Geoffrey Charles walks along Church cove with Morwenna.

Thanks to Diana Morris for her corrections.

10 – Kynance Cove, Helston.

An incredibly picturesque beach – one of the most popular in Cornwall – is also used as Nampara bay in certain shots to be seen in Series 2.  Slightly further up the coast between Kynance and Mullion are the gorsey rounded clifftops used in some of Poldark’s many galloping-along-cliffs scenes!


11 – Charlestown, St. Austell.This historic port is used in the harbour scenes and is instantly recognisable.  The tall ships and narrow stone quay have featured in many films and series.​However, for certain shots in Series 3, the Kaskelot ship (a tall ship in Bristol docks) was used.In Series 4, they return to Charlestown and in the first episode it is the site of the all-important riot where a sailor was killed.

Dyrham Park, doubling as the Warleggan home

Locations outside of Cornwall

You will notice from the above that not all the scenes are covered, because we’ve only focussed on the Cornish locations.  Here’s a rundown of the other main spots:

In the first series, Truro street scenes are filmed at Corsham (Wiltshire), but due to the massive disruption caused to the tiny market town (and a lot of complaints), for the second series they’ve opted for Frome in Somerset.

Trenwith, the Poldark mansion, is filmed at Chavenage House in Tetbury, Gloucestershire, and has limited opening to the public.  It may seem familiar – many films and TV series have been filmed there, including BBC’s Lark Rise to Candleford.  That series also featured actress Ruby Bentall, so when Verity visits Trenwith, she knows her way around!

Killewarren, home of the Penvenens, is filmed at Great Chalfield Manor, a National Trust property near Bath.

Warleggan House is filmed at several different private estates in the Bristol area, but their Georgian mansion is filmed at Dyrham Park in South Gloucestershire, a National Trust property.

Warleggan Bank is filmed at Wells Town Hall, Somerset.

The courtroom scene in which Poldark is tried was filmed at The New Room (a Wesleyan Chapel) in Broadmead, Bristol.

Sawle Church (the Poldark’s local church) where Valentine Warleggan was christened in Series 3, is filmed at St. Andrews Church, Holcombe, in Somerset (not too far from Shepton Mallet).  It still retains the original box pews.

‘Sawle Church’ – Holcombe Church, Somerset (Copyright BBC)

Some of the properties in our guide are privately owned residences.  In most cases, owners don’t resent a certain amount of attention, and indeed have come to expect it from being featured in one of the most popular TV series of recent times – but please be respectful and make sure you are not trespassing. 

Fans of the Poldark series may recognise the names of our boutique holiday cottages; Hendra, Treneglos, Bodrugan and Penhale are all influential Cornish families and settlements.

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