3 Cornish Customs for Easter

Cornwall is proud of its history and unique customs.  In this blog post, we investigate just a few customs that take place around Easter time.  Dollies, dogs and cockles!


Trigging, Helford River (pictured above)

Trigging is the name given to foraging for shellfish such as cockles, perwinkles and mussels.  Although historically, they were eaten year round as an abundant (and cheap) foodstuff, in the Helford River it was customary to go trigging at low-tide on Good Friday. 

Although British tastes seem to have slowly accepted mussels and oysters, cockles still appear to be a more acquired taste.  Still, if you’re feeling adventurous, head to the Helford Passage with a rake and get chatting to the locals – they’re sure to give you some good recipes!

Dolly Dunking, Morvah

Fenton Bebibell is an ancient well in a windswept and rather desolate part of Penwith moors, near Morvah.  For decades, the well was lost under thick bracken until it was rediscovered and restored by the Cornish Ancient Sites Protection Network. 

It was at this place that historically, local children would ‘baptise’ their dolls in the holy water as part of a Good Friday service – this act was considered a blessing on the children themselves.  The custom has been revived over the past 15 years.  The event now includes time to help clear the area (tools provided), and some Cornish treats like mead and revel buns (a type of saffron bun baked for special occasions).

Easter Bunny Chase, St Agnes

If you’re looking for an Easter activity for your four-legged friend, this will get their paw of approval.  To be fair, this is hardly an ancient Cornish custom passed down from generation to generation – but it’s still a hoot!

Every Easter, the Easter bunny himself sprints along St Agnes beach, pursued by dozens of dogs, in a race to see who is the fastest.  There are multiple heats and as you can imagine, there is some fierce competition.  It is said that the Easter Bunny requires careful selection and training each year!



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